About Me

(pc: Trinity Manson)

Hey yallll, I'm Adalah Muta'aliah A 23yr painter, muralist, and digital artists from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I've always held an interested in visual arts since I was a kid but it wasn't my freshman year of college in 2019 that I began making small attempts at freelancing my work in every small opportunity I could find. In 2022 struggled with feeling depressed due to my college experience (especially considering the changes brought by covid and what that did to my overall mental health), this depressive state lead to the realization that I started college out of obligation and not because I wanted to or had actually plan. I eventually decided that obtaining a bachelor degree in art was not important to me nor was it needed to be the artist I wanted to become so I abruptly dropped out and began my journey to becoming a full time artist. During that period I spent a lot of time exploring my artistic voice and replacing what I would of learned in college with gaining real life experience in the art world from my local community and what I found was my love for color, expressive movement, communicating emotions through art, and creating images that explored my inner and outer world in an unconventionally mystical expressionist style. 

My hope as an artist is to create work that is not only pleasing to the eye but leaves my audience with a sense of sonder and awe from being able to deeply connect and relate with the stories, beauty, and emotions that I embed in my work.